Bad Reviews on Delivery Websites like Uber, Uber Eats, Doordash and Grubhub

Pandemic has shattered the global economies and local restaurants and food businesses are no exception. COVID-19 has impacted the buying behaviors of the consumers and instead of dine-in, most of the food items are ordered via food delivery apps. When consumers order food via 3rd party apps like Uber Eats, Doordash, and other services, they don’t usually interact with the restaurant. The order is placed via the food delivery app and the delivery boy will pick up the food from the said restaurant and deliver it to the consumer.

Due to the pandemic and increased orders, food delivery apps are constantly failing to meet the delivery deadline. When the users don’t receive their food in the given time, they end up leaving negative reviews for the restaurant.

How Food Delivery Services are Hurting Restaurants?

On the famous review site, Yelp, many users are seen complaining about the poor delivery service of the restaurant. In reality, the delay is mostly caused by the delivery service end. Restaurants and food businesses have no control over these incidents still, negative reviews hurt their business.

Food business owners have requested Yelp to remove such negative reviews where the restaurants had no fault or control over the consumer’s experience. The food delivery services like Uber Eats and Doordash are selected by the consumers so whether they deliver in time or delay the order, restaurants have no control over the situation.

How to deal with Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews can hurt any startup or well-established business. Not only Yelp but this issue is causing troubles for the food businesses on several other platforms. Upon request, Yelp customer support responded that only 16% of the reviews mentioned issues regarding the poor delivery service. So, you are not going to get any help from Yelp in this regard. There are several movements going on to force Yelp to take care of this problem.

Can you wait until Yelp takes care of this issue or do you want an immediate solution? Review management is an art and at Dandy, we help businesses to deal with negative reviews and remove the negative feedback from business pages and review sites.

How Dandy can help your Food Business to Prevent Negative Reviews?

Dandy is a futuristic platform where our team of legal experts and marketers help businesses to remove unrealistic and fake negative reviews from sites like Yelp, Google, business forums, and other online platforms. We offer authentic and sustainable solutions for the business promotion and prevention of negative reviews. Taking down a negative review from sites like Yelp is not easy as it requires a deep understanding of the system. Our experts analyze the scenario and come up with valid points that can help us to challenge the platform to take down the negative reviews on legal grounds.

We also offer text message marketing solution where you can market your business to millions of new potential consumers. If your sales are dropping due to negative reviews generated by food delivery services, let the Dandy team help you with legal assistance.

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